Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year, New (Free) Resources for your Classroom

Any teacher knows that the search for resources is never-ending. Finding and affording images, articles, and games to illustrate material and engage students is an endeavor that pushes the boundaries of creativity. Here are a few places with free material:

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve produces resources for the class that address both historical and current economic topics. You can find lessons about the first and second Bank of the United States. You can also get kid friendly comic books that explain the currency system. When looking for resources you should visit all the branches of the Federal Reserve website as the branches produce different materials.

The US Mint

The US Mint produces curriculum that explores the symbolism in American currency. These unique materials provide students the opportunity to explore the history that inspires the design of American money. Learn about the commemorative Jefferson nickel series or investigate America's National Parks quarters.

Looking for interesting data resources?

Several federal agencies and nongovernmental organizations are making data that can be used in the classroom. 

  • The Federal Reserve has a data visualization tool that will let the user create unique graphs.
  • GeoFRED lets the user create geographical maps of economic data.

Sample Map from GeoFRED

  • The Population Reference Bureau provides access to a variety of datathat can be used for spatial analysis.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau share resources that can be used to investigate various topics.