Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Like – Comment – Post: Another Way to Use Images

by Nina Kendall
Here are a few ways to use images that promote interaction among students and allow the teacher to assess student understanding. These activities can be done throughout a unit on a classroom wall or an electronic wall. They can also be done as alternatives to simple quizzes or a ticket out the door.
Like an Image
·   Post an image or provide to students and assign them a perspective. Students then choose to like an image or not and explain their decision. A simple task that reveals their understanding.
Comment on an Image
·   Students will comment on an image as they might on Facebook. The student then chooses a perspective or historical figure and respond to this imagine in their voice.
o  What would they say about it on Facebook?
o  What would they think?
Post an Image
·   Ask students to choose a point of view. Offer them several images to select from.   Have students explain why someone with this perspective or a given historical figure would post this picture on his or her Facebook page.
Here are examples from an American Revolution Unit completed on a wall in the classroom.


Yes. Students also created their own profile pics to use with this activity. In class, I acted as the filter. Students were only given the chance to post their comments after I had reviewed them. 

There were several advantages to this activity. My students enjoyed the activity, but where also challenged by it. It required historical thinking.  It was also easy to grade.


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