Monday, April 21, 2014

Georgia Teachers Take the Lead Introducing New Resources

 Edited by Nina Kendall
As education moves into the digital age, the way class can be conducted and work is completed is evolving. It is important as these resources are developed and introduced that teachers are included in the development and implementation program. Two middle school teachers from Henry County have assumed this role in the state of Georgia.  For the past two years Regina Holland, Union Grove Middle and Heather MacKenzie, Eagle’s Landing Middle have worked with the Georgia Humanities Council to promote the use of the New Georgia Encyclopedia (NGE), a free, non-fiction, informational source, in 8th grade Georgia Studies classrooms across the state. The NGE is a go-to source for all things Georgia including photographs, video clips, primary sources, and informational articles that cover the people and events listed in our Georgia standards.

             The primary goal of this project has been to provide and introduce lessons and materials that all teachers, could immediately implement in their classrooms. One example is a lesson focused on Andersonville Prison and how it compared to other lesser known Confederate prisons. Another uses a “Circle of Knowledge” strategy to aid students in learning about key figures of the New South era. Later student craft arguments about who had the greatest impact in the New South. Both lessons incorporate the resources found on the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Access Georgia Fast & Free with the NGE!

                Their most recent presentation was at the Georgia Middle School Association Conference, held in Columbus the late February, 2014. This June, Regina and Heather, along with project director Robynn Holland will combine the lessons of this project with those created as part of their Investigating Famous Bloodlines: Following the Paper Trail curriculum in a presentation for teachers held at Hickory Hill, the home of Tom Watson.   The kit is available for freed download.  We certainly are looking forward to their next presentation. Be on the lookout for announcements made by the Georgia Humanities Council for future presentations near you!

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